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Coral Stock List 2012

We support those who want to keep a reef aquarium and those who wish to trim down or multiply corals to trade for a variety of others. We share many methods of propagation to be used for those purposes only. Occasionally we may have an overstock of fast growing species and will give those away. A re homing fee does apply. Check the Stock List for more information. We do not support businesses or individuals who profit illegally without the correct licenses and permits using these or any other propagation methods. Those who aquaculture and profit illegally can face heavy fines. Equipment and livestock can also be confiscated.

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Save the Reef
Those pursuing reef aquarium keeping have an obligation to abide by in order to prevent further damage from being done to the coral reefs. Spreading the word & sharing alternative methods of reef keeping helps preserve the fragile coral reefs in numerous ways. Support businesses who only sell aquacultured propagated corals and captive bred / tank raised fish. Never sell banned species of macro algae in states that have laws against it.

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agrocrete live rock
Recommended for large systems.
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Energy efficient, cool running, and a variety of light phases that imitate
natural environments.
LED Lighting

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